Retro Dreamcast CD

Retro Dreamcast CD


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Die Retro Dreamcast CD der Gruppe Icaruz war (und ist) eine der beliebtesten Homebrew-Compilations für Dreamcast. Noch erfreut sie sich auf Torrent-Portalen und Tauschbörsen großer Beliebtheit.

  by: WHurricane16

Smash DC r1            - You've played SmashTV havent you? Now you have a good clone for DC
 by: Mr Siggler

DcQuad Beta R5            - Tetris clone
  by: Douglas Winslow

Echo Beta 1.0             - Cute Little Platform Game          
  by: Trilinear                   

Rocket Racer Beta 2.2        - WipeOut clone, early beta but i see lots of potential in this game
  by: Trilinear          (and in its developer :)
DCBlap v0.1            - Simple Pong-Game
  by: c99koder
Grande v0.5            - Space Shooter
  by: DCGrendel
Shuffle v1            - Simple Shuffle-Game
  by: Snoozy

Titres 0.0.8            - Tetris clone, two player option
  by: Jimbo

Luftvarg            - Simple coding demo with a nice classic tune
  by: Outbreak                   

DCTunnel            - Coding demo with nice "tunnel" effects
  by: Axlen
Burritro v2            - Coding demo, NPM
  by: Jim Ursetto

Japamerica            - Coding demo
  by: Dragonsimoto