Dreamcast AGI

soll so was wie n pc emu für dc sein………..

Technical Info:

DC AGI comes from my incredible desire to play Sierra’s King’s Quest III on a console type system. DC AGI is an intepreter, which makes it as much of an emulator as anything else. AGI is nothing more than a big and bad scripting language on it’s most basic level, which makes it very, very portable. It will not play DOOM, Quake, Heretic, Final Fantasy anything, etc, just to name a few out of the emails I received. In fact, the series of games which it can play is rather limited, but contained in that list are some of the greatest adventure games of all time. And by the way, I won’t port Descent, Simcity, ages of empires or anything else. Just because King’s Quest 3 ran on a computer, doesn’t mean that every game that runs on a computer is that easy to port.

Link: http://incolor.inetnebr.com/ulbador/

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