ngine snes9x 0.40

ngine 0.40 ist also da………
tubooboo hat den code nochmal heftig überabeitet…..
was ist neu?

- ADDED: snes9x game saving/autoloading from VMU. Fully automatic 
 process that needs no user interaction. You might see a little
 slowdown while saving occurs.
 - ADDED: Rockin joypad operation mode. You can now operate most 
 keyboard commands with the joypad using GUIs for command 
 selection, file selection etc.
 - ADDED: this means possibility to use whatever directory structure 
 on the ROM CD, regardless if you have a keyboard or not.
 - ADDED: Auto switch to joypad mode if there is no keyboard found.
 - ADDED: Configuration interface for joypad in snes9x. Saveable
 and supports the Analog stick.
 - ADDED: Preferences saving for video modes, joypad configurations 
 etc. If prefs are saved once, they are auto-loaded on startup 
 of ngine.
 - ADDED: improved command line for keyboard users.
 - ADDED: loading of splitted ROM images now working (SMC/SWC 
 splitROM formats) 
 - FIX: snes9x ingame display correctly centered
 - FIX: several crash-prone functions securified 
 - FIX: SNES9x "after few minutes" crash bug fixed. Tested with
 Chrono Trigger and Mario World (ran all night).
 - FIX: Overall stability of ngine is much better than in 0.30a
 - CHANGE: File set completely reorganized. All things now in tidy, 
 logical places :).
 - CHANGE: Master Event handler. Much more command line flexibility.
 - CHANGE: Cleaned up handling of user interface. Now showing button
 mappings in file selection


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