T-SIM 0.1 veröffentlicht

Indiket von DCIberia hat T-Sim, einen Hubschrauber-Simulator auf die Dreamcast portiert.

As you know, our friend Chui has recently drawn bookstores SDL + OpenGL (partial) for the use and enjoyment of staff. xD

Indiket wanted to try them first with a game and here is the result:
T-SIM 0.1

This „game“ (by calling game, rather is an attempt to a simulator) allows us to steer our helicopter in a world created entirely in 3D.

We recommend, if you are going to test it, use a keyboard since there are many functions that can not be simulated with the pad.

Pad: Arrows moves the helicopter
Start: Quit Game
L: Interior view
A: Outside view
A: Accelerating engine
B: Reduce engine
X: Move collective top
And: Moving collective below
To take off: Hold A + X few seconds.

For more information on the checks with the keyboard, letting you Web original author:

Quelle: DCIberia

Über Maturion

Maturion alias Matthias ist seit 2008 im Team von SEGA-DC.DE, seit 2000 ist er SEGA-Fan. Im echten Leben hat er was mit Informatik gemacht. Aber hey, es geht hier um SEGA und Dreamcast!
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